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The Med Career Difference

We source the best healthcare candidates that fit the specifics needs of our clients. Our firm uses an efficient and streamlined process which includes a flexible, customized, relationship-based partnership. We offer an in-depth client needs analysis, candidate evaluation, and screening.

Our recruitment specialists have a distinct advantage due to their deep industry knowledge allowing our unbeatable search process to bring you only the best candidates who are a fit for your organization. We use advanced search techniques to dig deep and identify those hard-to-find candidates, and screen in the top producers with the highest potential.

At Med Career Solutions, we will successfully help you fulfill any healthcare related direct hire/permanent position, such as:

All Nursing Specialties

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Allied Health Specialties

Medical Assistants

Medical Lab Technologists

Ultrasound and Sonography



Surgical Technicians


and many more….

We search and find candidates who are fully licensed and possess the highest qualifications in their field. We will meet your needs for direct hire positions with dedicated recruiting services, and fulfil your permanent staffing needs with pre-screened, highly qualified candidates.

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