We are committed to providing the highest level of service to all of our clients by striving to always deliver dedicated healthcare professionals who bring integrity and care to each and every position.

Sourcing qualified high potential employees is challenging, and with an impending shortage of healthcare leadership and talent, it’s even more difficult to locate these candidates. Med Career Solutions utilizes technology and a customized approach to identify and bring you the candidates you are looking for to fill the hard to fill openings in your organization. Utilizing job board mining, ATS mining, targeted call saturation, and LinkedIn Recruiter are only the beginning of our in-depth sourcing approach.  

Our Process

Our team develops close relationships with everyone involved in the hiring process, and we use our extensive experience and recruiting techniques to find top-quality candidates. This approach allows us to use the human touch, to find the candidates that databases and search engines cannot find - allowing us to better qualify prospective candidates and save clients valuable time in the hiring process.

Our Experience

Our trusted and experienced recruiters will do an extensive job search utilizing a pool of healthcare resources and connections to provide solutions to your biggest healthcare position challenges. We screen and interview all candidates to ensure that they meet your needs and provide full cycle healthcare recruitment. See the ‘Employers’ page for even more information on our services.

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